Many of the projects that EcoMarketing have been involved with over recent times have required strategies that consider complex stakeholder networks, and an understanding of how to engage members of these networks to encourage action towards achieving specified environmental sustainability objectives.


Victorian Water Industry on behalf of the savewater!® Alliance

Consumer profiling

Appointed to manage a large-scale segmentation study, that appended MOSAIC (a geo-demographic segmentation system), to develop the water consumption profiles of 1.3 million households across Metropolitan Melbourne. This study provided insight into the water consumption behaviour of the diverse socio-cultural households across Metropolitan Melbourne and provided a foundation for the Water Conservation Online Report.

Water Conservation Online Report

EcoMarketing, on behalf of the savewater® Alliance, has developed the first online Water Conservation Market. This market considers more than 900 websites ranging from Government water authorities, through to product manufacturers, retailers and service providers. The report monitors how a sample of 2.8 million Australians behave in this market, with observations communicated to members of the Water Industry and associated stakeholders.

The current edition of the Report is supplemented with customised advice for individual organisations, based on an in-depth analysis of conservation activity as it relates to their specific sites. This level of consultancy is provided to assist in the design of communication strategies that have the potential to influence pro environmental behaviour and product purchase.


Sustainability Victoria

Commissioned to design a segmentation framework to help Sustainability Victoria better understand their various customer groups. Our approach considered an in-depth literature review, consumer profiling recommendations as well as an analysis of communication strategies that have the capacity to encourage behaviour.


RMIT University

Engaged to develop an Environmental Communications Program for RMIT University that outlined strategies to promote and achieve their conservation objectives. A key outcome of this project was designing a communication process to engage stakeholders connected to an institution that represents more than 45,000 students, manages more than 120 buildings across 3 campuses in Australia and shares relationships with three water retailers - identifying communication targets and their role was a complex, yet critical goal.


IESEG School of Management, Lille France

Facilitates the course entitled Environmental Marketing: The role of Marketing in developing sustainable outcomes for business, government and the community. This course was exclusively developed by EcoMarketing and combines a series of lectures that are complemented with practical case analyses and interactive class forums. It provides students with the opportunity to learn how to apply a range of fundamental Marketing Principles to issues to environmental challenges.


ASKO Appliances

Engaged by ASKO Appliances to assist them in developing a brand position that acknowledged the evolving market landscape. Specifically, the role incorporated industry and market analysis, customer profiling and recommending a positioning approach. These recommendations were incorporated into an Integrated Communications Plan.


Australian Communications and Media Authority

Engaged by, and worked with The Slater Marketing Group to develop the communications strategy for smartnumbers®  - a project initiated by the Australian communications and Media Authority to open access to Freephone and Local Rate numbers (FLRNs) – 13, 1300 and 1800 numbers. 

A crucial element of this campaign was effectively identifying potential markets and developing a communications program that ultimately lead to participation in a series of online auctions.

The success of this project was evident by greater than anticipated registration levels and the subsequent auction bidding activity.


City of Melbourne

Contracted in 2001 to develop the Precinct Marketing and Improvement Plan for Little Collins Street – a project designed to capture and position the essence of the area and support it by developing an Integrated Marketing and Communications Program.  The success of this project led to EcoMarketing being awarded the contract to develop the Chinatown Precinct Marketing and Improvement Plan.


N.B. EcoMarketing Group formerly Fitzgerald Marketing Group

Water Aid Ball 2005 - Present

WaterAid is an international development NGO whose mission is to provide access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene education for the world’s poorest people so that they break free from poverty. EcoMarketing Group has been an Event Partner and was pointed as Event Producer for WaterAid’s Annual Ball since its inauguration in 2005. The WaterAid Balls have raised more than $800,000 and connected almost 2500 guests that collectively support WaterAid initiatives.