Sustainability Leadership Masterclass: a full day master class for executives and industry leaders 6 November 2019

Sustainability Leadership Masterclass: a full day master class for executives and industry leaders 6 November 2019

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The aim of this course is to develop participants’ understanding of the impact and future of Corporate Social Responsibility within the context of Sustainable Leadership.  It will equip participants with frameworks and strategies to understand and meet complex challenges presented by globalization, the growing impact of developing economies and the subsequent strain on collective resources. In this regard, participants will develop an understanding of the role of leadership in effectively managing interdependent relationships across diverse stakeholder networks. 

Learning Objectives

1.    To develop an understanding of the systems approach to sustainability and its contribution to the business case for corporate sustainability.

2.    To understand how effective leaders adapt to the emerging challenges facing organisations as the impact of globalisation intensifies.

3.    To understand and apply frameworks that measure and promote value in strategic CSR initiatives.

4.    To understand how to apply CSR assessment matrices for competitive advantage.

Training Method

The course will combine a series of presentations that are complemented with practical case analyses.

Course Content

  • Systems thinking and sustainability:

    • The interdependence paradigm: the organisation, society and the individual

    • Frameworks for engaging leaders in establishing a strategic approach to CSR and sustainability

    • Leadership structures and processes that drive an organisation’s efforts towards becoming more sustainable

  • CSR, leadership and emerging challenges:

    • Globalisation: the role of leadership in establishing and managing sustainable supply chains

    • Frameworks for understanding and resolving intricate social and resource dilemmas

  • The Business case:

    • Understanding return on investment for CSR initiatives

  • CSR, leadership and strategy

Course fees

Discounted rates are available for participants wishing to complete both GRI Standards Training and the Sustainability Leadership course. Sustainability Leadership courses have been scheduled to commence the day following GRI Standards Training.

Course Fees

Standard Packaged Rate
Corporate S$1,100.00 S$900.00
Groups, government, NGOS and students* S$980.00 S$800

*Groups rates apply to three or more participants representing the same organisation.

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